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Passion for racing

Work in marketing

Love making pictures

My professional Life

Dreams don't work unless you do

My goal is to enjoy life as it comes at first, but I will try to reach out for more in life as opportunities come by. If you work hard, set clear goals and give all you have there is nothing you can’t reach.

For me the most important is to love what I do. This is the key element to success if you want to reach your goals. I will try and learn from my mistakes as I go, never giving up.


The main focus in my professional life is marketing, this has always been a big subject in my previous jobs and the projects I worked on. I love the creative side of marketing and I like to understand how people think / work, so I can work out a strategy to reach our common goals.

I think the key point is my creativity and the capability to understand the bigger picture, because of this I can see potential opportunities and collaborations. With clear and open communication I will always try and get the most out of it for all parties.



I have been involved in several racing projects over the years. I have been working with the Russian Time GP2/Formula 2 team, helping the team giving shape to their online presence. Setting up the social media channels, creating a content marketing plan and making their fanbase grow. Also I did some photography projects for them.

Also I’m involved in other projects, for example one related to Max Verstappen and a business case setting up the complete online marketing strategy for Bernax Racing Simulators. These projects brought me into the Formula 1 paddock/pits multiple times, something as a kid I could only dream of.


Add the passion of racing and my expertise in (online) marketing together to a beautiful mix and the biggest missing link is photography. I love to fully create and control my own content, so I can use it for my network and social media channels whenever I want.

I have always been fascinated by photography, the story and true beauty behind pictures. When I walk around events or tracks around the world, I just see the setting I want to shoot with my camera. I’m not a professional photographer, but my passion and feeling for good photos has given me some satisfying results so far.


As a person who personally fought against cancer, I want to spread my story to gain more awareness for skin cancer. At 20 years old I got diagnosed with Melanoma, Melanoma is a type of skin cancer that can spread to other organs in the body. And it did…

Whilst I noticed on it time, I still have to live with the consequences of cancer every single day. My goal is to raise awareness for skin cancer, so other people can recognize it in earlier stages. I also did an interview with RTL 4 Nieuws for Stichting Melanoom during the launch of their new campaign.

Some of My Work

More About me


Always positive!

Some situations in life you just have to deal with, they are not always fun. I think that by entering every situation in a positive way, using a bit of humour, will make life better. You can’t change the situation, but you can change your mindset!

A winning mentality

If you can’t stand losing, better make sure you win! Life is a game, and I will do everything in my power to make it an awesome experience. Taking the maximum out of opportunities by always trying to be the best.

Enjoying life

“Enjoy the little things in life because one day you`ll look back and realize they were the big things.” A bit clich√©, but it’s so true! I think it’s very important to stand still every now and then, look around and just enjoy life!

Helping others

Don’t be selfish, but try to help others in life. Love the people that you care about, cherish them every day and you will be loved by them. Family, friends and good relationships are the base of happiness.

My own Racing experiences

Trackside Legends

There is nothing we love more than getting close to the action of motorsports. That is why Jeroen van Kesteren & I decided to start Trackside Legends. With our experience and skills in marketing we can be a very useful asset for every motorsports related company.

Esports encounters


F1 Paddock Experience

My first time ever in a race simulator, great experience in the F1 paddock. Right at this moment I realised how cool this was.

MediaMarkt competition

I finished second in the Mediamarkt / Skull candy competition, after being on P1 for quite a while. Great racing experience.

F1 Gamingzone finale

Made it into the F1 Gamingzone finale at Spa-Francorchamps, the 6 best drivers got to race for F1 paddock tickets. I finished P4.

Hornbach semi-finals

As the fastest driver of Hornbach Zaandam I got to drive in the semi-finals. Great to meet Max, just missed out on the finals.

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Charrel Jalving

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